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I started this blawg (law blog), because as a practicing personal injury lawyer, I have learned lessons about how injuries happen, and I want you to know how to protect yourself, and your children, from the sorts of injuries I see in my personal injury practice.

Being a personal injury lawyer changes your perspective on the world. The joke in my family is: “I see negligence”; but it’s really true. Because I see the results of injuries and accidents everyday, and I often have to litigate the mechanics of how an accident happened, I have a different perspective from other people. I am often struck by how dangerous the world is, and how careless and negligent people are. Everywhere I go, I see careless driving, negligent maintenance of business property, and really poor product design; all of which result in people getting injured.

And in spite of the fact that I’m a personal injury lawyer, I hate seeing people get injured, especially in a situation where it was easily preventable.

As my personal injury practice has grown, I found that with each new case, my behavior would subtly change. I drive more defensively now than I used to, because I’ve seen too many clients get hit. I keep my speed down because I know from having to litigate the issue, that increased speed means more serious injuries. I drive heavy well engineered safe cars, instead of the tiny lightweight efficient cars I would prefer. I buy whole heads of lettuce because I know that the bagged lettuce has a higher risk of foodborne illness. I demand that my coffee is served at a ‘drinkable’ temperature. The list goes on and grows all the time.

Over time, I increasingly became bothered by the fact that I was learning things - and changing my behavior as a result, but I had no good way of sharing these hard learned (by my clients at least) lessons with everyone else. So this blawg was born…

I hope that what you learn here helps prevent injuries and saves lives. Feel free to leave me a note or drop me an email. And if, in spite of our best efforts to prevent it, you get injured, give me call to talk about your claim. Because while I hate to see people get hurt, pursuing client injury claims is how I feed my family…

Stay Safe, Get Smart, Take Care,


See my video intro: http://youtu.be/CDopTO7nMyc




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